Raven Shop

About Us
Raven Clothing & Accessories was established in 2002 in Canberra by its owner Erin and had been operating from Gorman House Markets for nearly three years until we opened at 108 Bunda St Canberra City September 13th 2005.
In 2009 Raven Closed down it's Canberra shop to focus on it's clothing range.

Raven Clothing sells band merchandise & our own range of clothing & accessories online and wholesale to other outlets.

Raven Clothing is the official distributor of all Armoured Angel Merchandise.

If you are interested in buying our products to re-sell, please contact us.

We are keen to support the Australian alternative community in any way we can, by supporting events and businesses that work for the development of the underground community. Many of these people are listed on our links page, so please check them out.