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We create many unique designs.

Raven stocks a range of clothing and accessories created by Erin. Most of our range is on display in our Gallery section. Raven Clothing is also available for wholesale purchase, so if you are a shop interested in stocking our label please contact us here.

Raven are also involved in event production and promotion. Keep an eye out for events and gigs listed on our site. Learn more...

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  • Release of new designs
    The new Raven clothing designs created by Erin are now in store at Raven Clothing & Accessories ready for your inspection! More

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Raven Clothing & Accessories

Who are we?
Raven Clothing & Accessories was established in 2002 and is currently selling online.More

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Raven Clothing & Accessories
Raven Clothing & Accessories

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    Want to find out about all the latest Gigs and Events in Canberra? Check out our Gigs and Events section for all the latest Gigs and Events details....

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